Mounting options

Sliding 150SF

For use with Fontaine 2″ fifth wheels, our standard and medium duty slider is designed for easy positional adjustment, enabling permissible axle loads and vehicle lengths to be achieved. It is also available in two positions for increased driver safety.


Allows for a heavier payload without over specifying costly super-heavy duty sliders. With a low height of just 40mm, this mounting option utilises the Fontaine 170CI Heavy Duty Cast Fifth Wheel with heights from 148mm (188mm including slider).

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Mounting plate

Supplied pre-drilled to fit all OEM chassis – our standard and medium duty fixed mounting plate is suitable for use with all Fontaine 2″ fifth wheels with DIN6 feet.

Direct mount

Our lightweight fixed direct mount removes the need for OEM chassis angles and is suitable for use with standard and medium duty Fontaine 2″ fifth wheels.