Technical support

Technical support & product advice

Supplying clear, concise and accurate information is critical when working with safety related product systems such as our fifth wheel coupling equipment. Therefore our experienced service team promptly support our haulage customers with specialist product application and technical advice – when and where it is really needed.


All fifth wheel testing and development is carried out in our own independently calibrated test facility at our factory in Lowton. All Fontaine Fifth Wheel Europe products have been tested and approved to the ECE R55-01 standard, of which approvals and certification to this standard are issued by independent authorities after witnessing tests.

Testing requirements for mechanical couplings to ECE R55-01 include a 2M cycle fatigue test, a static steering wedge test and a static roll over test. Crack detection and deformation inspection is carried out at the end of each test to ensure conformity to the R55-01 standard is achieved.

Product trials

We are confident that the benefits of our product range will meet your exacting needs. To demonstrate these benefits, we encourage potential new customers to trial our product in their fleet – please contact us to make arrangements for a trial.

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