Fontaine Fifth Wheel


Terms of Warranty

The company (defined as MHT Europe) warrants that all Fontaine Fifth Wheels produced by the company will be free from defects in material and workmanship.

The warranty period for Fontaine products is:

3 years parts and labour


500,000km (whichever comes first.)


All installations must be carried out in accordance with the company’s Fifth Wheel mounting instructions.

These warranty terms cover failures in material and workmanship, but do not cover failures due to the following:

A. Vehicles which are not used in conjunction with the Fontaine application guide
B. Accidents
C. Incorrect installation (refer to Fontaine official mounting instructions
D. General wear and tear
E. Misuse, alteration or neglect
F. Failure to properly maintain the Fifth Wheel using genuine Fontaine OEM parts (refer to Fontaine official maintenance instructions)

The company must be notified prior to the commencement of any repair. Failure to do this will cause automatic rejection of the claim.

In the event of a warranty claim, Fontaine must be notified so that a Customer Service (CS) number can be issued. Any parts not identified with a valid CS number will not be accepted as a return.

If a Fifth Wheel or component part is required to be returned to the manufacturing plant for examination, then these should be sent freight pre-paid by the claimant and be degreased prior to return.

Under the terms of the warranty the company agrees to replace the defective Fifth Wheel (or relevant parts at their discretion) and these will be supplied on a carriage paid UK or as agreed with the customer. Parts can only be replaced to cover possible warranty claims following the receipt of a valid order number. If the claim is rejected, an invoice will be raised by Fontaine for the replacement parts.

For agreed claims (up to a maximum of 1 hour), labour will be authorised to change the Fifth Wheel or component part at the company’s prevailing warranty labour rate. Any invoices not identified with a valid CS number will not be accepted for payment. Fontaine reserve the right to reject any warranty claim it feels is not justified.