Fit for Service


Fontaine Fifth Wheel has remained at the at the forefront of haulage technology due to our versatility, reliability, safety reputation, service and technical support… made possible by the determination and close working relationship of our highly skilled team.

We build teamwork into our culture to create the building blocks for our continued development. This has helped us to grow an experienced, motivated and responsive team whose approach is underpinned with a friendliness and a commitment to meet our customer’s needs.

We encourage and support our team to achieve company targets, providing the necessary help, training and skills development to enable consistent improvement in both our products and working processes.


Paige Petroni
Global President

+1 205 567 1096

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Andy Jacobson
Company President

+44 (0) 7535 313110

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Ian Gough
General Manager

+44 (0) 1942686043

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Tony Hayes
Vice president of Engineering and Operations

+44 (0) 1942686021

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Leanne Nesbitt
Financial Controller

+44 (0) 1942686032

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Nils Tychewicz
European Sales Manager

+49 (0) 177 8526650

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Steve Marshall
UK Sales Manager

+44 (0) 7880791252

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Mick Cook
UK and Europe Field Service Manager

+44 (0) 7970865484

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Glynn de Prez
OEM & AM Sales & Logistics

+44 (0) 1942686017

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